Membership is on a 12 month basis, with a programme that runs throughout the year. It consists of an online presence where competitions, tutorials and peer networking can be accessed. There is also a 12 month, fortnightly events programme consisting of indoor and outdoor activities. We focus on member involvement, development and social engagement to make for an active and progressive member influenced Association.


The Details

To become a member of FCTPA comes with many privileges' and should be seen as an opportunity for contribution with personal benefits. Unlike other camera clubs, we do have an application, review and acceptance process to ensure that our screened membership is of a suitably high potential & caliber for the benefit of the Association and its membership.


Once you have been accepted to join, you will be able to access the support and fellowship of our association. As a member you will be awarded a membership status dependant on your level of experience, engagement and contribution toward the prosperity of the association.


These include the following categories' (detailed in members handbook):

  • Associate Member (members of FCTPA associated Clubs & Societies).
  • Cyber Member (online membership ONLY).
  • Full Member (attending of practical activities and events).


Special Categories:

  • Premier Members:
    • Champions League: Members of higher competencies' who predominantly compete in external awards/competitions on behalf of FCTPA.
    • Fellowship: Those who have earned the prestige and honour, of the membership through the advancing of the FCTPA and its membership.


Member Development

All "Full Members" (excluding Cyber Members), will be enrolled on our unique Member Development Programme (MDP). This is a bespoke Training and Practical photography development course of progression, to advance our member's skills and experiences.


Based on the demonstration of practical competencies' as a photographer, initially members will be assessed and categorised into 3 different tiers.


  • Level 1 - Beginner/Entry level members.
  • Level 2 - Intermediate/Progression level members.
  • Level 3 - Advanced/Accredited experienced level members.


These are based on meeting specific practical, creative and theoretical application; demonstrated through photographic works. The MDP programme then progresses members through to the next level, by covering the criteria needs of the curriculum through practical tutorial and workshops (much the same as martial arts has belts to acknowledge competence and ability).


For those who cannot attend as Full Members, there will be an online development plan for other categories of membership but this will be limited in its delivery and assessment options. It does however allow those members to track their own development and progression.


Single Parents and Children

Juniors (Under 18's), are encouraged to apply, as we are focused on developing young people for future success. They will however need to have a parent/guardian who is also a member, present at events and who will assume full responsibility for their conduct and wellbeing.


Single Parents with young children (5yrs upward), are very welcome as we appreciate how difficult it can be to have a social life when caring for children and so long as the child in attendance is not actively participating, a nominal fee will be payable per attended session.
If the child does wish to partake in activities, the parent will be approached and advised to seek a Junior membership for them.



Costs for Members:

The following prices are allowing for all members to have online access and then different rates for attendance of programmed training and events.


  • Associate Member (members of FCTPA associated Clubs & Societies).
    Annual Fee: £35.                     Attendance Fee (per event): £5.

  • Cyber Member (online membership ONLY).
    Annual Fee: £35.                     Attendance Fee: £10.

  • Full Member (attending of practical activities and events).

            Opt 1:- Annual Fee: £95.                     Attendance Fee: £2.

            Opt 2:- Annual Fee: £55.                     Attendance Fee: £5.


  • Couples (Joint membership - Spouse/Partner).
    Annual Fee: £155.                   Attendance Fee: £2.

(Saving up to £131)


  • Family - 2 adults & up to 2 Jnr (additional Juniors at standard Jnr rate).
    Annual Fee: £195.                   Attendance Fee: £2.

(Saving up to £249)


  • Concessions & Junior/Students (evidence may be required).
    Annual Fee: £35.                     Attendance Fee: £1.


Membership is on an annual rolling basis, commencing from the start date of initial membership (calendar year).