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The creative faces of Focus CT – its Staff and Committee Members!


Adrian - I have been keen on the arts since very young but took up photography though necessity while doing graphic design work in a marketing capacity. I have a wide interest range regarding genre of photographic images but I challenge myself to lean towards edgy within my passion of people, storytelling and being artistically creative.


Gemma - I was introduced into Photography by a very good friend, Adrian, in Winter 2016. I found a new platform in my creative arts background (being music) where I discovered I had an eye and unique style in photography. I find many areas in photography very fascinating, enlightening and inspiring in their own right, however I find Night/Astronomy Photography, Abstract/Creative, Surrealism, and Silhouette photography what interests me the most and like to further progress and create. Joining as a committee member for Focus CT (FCTPA), I aim to make a positive contribution in the growing expansion of this photographic association and its vision.


Mark - I like photography because it’s an opportunity to explore different subjects, from wildlife, city scapes, different locations and the techniques that I can learn to make better photos.Architecture has always been my favourite, I like going to big cities and taking pictures of modern looking buildings. I joined the committee as this was a new and exciting photography group. It has practical sessions every two weeks that I really enjoy.


Pete - I have been interested in photography since the 1960’s when 35mm was the norm. I became more interested in photography in the 1970’s taking black & white, colour film and slides. This was largely to record family occasions and sporting events, mostly cycling which is my passion.
At the request of work colleagues and friends I have taken photographs at weddings, christenings, graduations ceremonies, numerous charity and sporting events.
Since the introduction of digital cameras my main interest is in nature and macro photography; although I do not limit myself to these areas. I love taking photographs.
I joined the club as I have a passion for photography and enjoy the social element of the group. This also gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas and share knowledge with like-minded people.


As a diverse association, our staff and committee are ran by our selected members. Their (specialised) knowledge and expertise, unique and outgoing personalities, help ensure a

  • smooth, efficient, strong, engaging, connective, communicative, supportive

course/operation within the association and to all members.


Our staff and committee members are our own valuable resources and first point of contact, to help with (organisational) matters and to provide relevant and up-to-date information.

Therefore, it is important for all members to know Who we are and How they can get in contact.



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