About Us

Focus CT Photography Association (FCTPA) supports and engages with its members throughout the year, achieved through our online presence.


Our Mission Statement

  • To create an exclusive, photographer centred association for members to develop and share their passion and creativity in the Art of Photography.
  • The inclusive importance of feeling valued and belonging in the Photographic/Visual Arts community. 
  • Photography practice with confidence!


FCTPA was founded in 2017 by photography enthusiasts who shared a vision for a new organisation with and incorporating the following points:

  • A passion for the Art of Photography
  • Want to utilise and develop their talent with their photographic medium of choice.
  • Strength in numbers by networking with like minded enthusiasts.
  • Greater emphasis on practical photography with social interaction and peer support.
  • Proactive mentoring, sharing and dissemination of knowledge with beginners and amateurs alike.
  • Opportunities to challenge oneself through regular competitive activities.
  • Collectively celebrate the works of members and other recognised artists.


We cater not only just for the discerning individual, but also other clubs and societies via networking and affiliation to ourselves.

Our Association actively encourages its members to support local camera clubs and societies as being valuable resources, full of years of members experiences. 

All members are expected to positively engage with Focus CT activities and act as ambassadors for the Art of Photography throughout their membership.