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Window to the Soul42 viewsDeep stare into the soul of the reverend P.
Monochrome image with a little HDR thrown in to give it some grit.
Mesh Moon66 viewsAnother FocusCT workshop where the theme was taking pictures of objects, from intereesting perspectives.
This was a microphone head mash which was converted to mono and a Nik filter applied through Affinity photo.
The Corner - Rutland Street65 viewsLeicester victorian area of the city.
The Embrace55 viewsTogether in Solitude - embraced in loving emotional warmth while standing the sea of emotions of the past and yet to come.
Stepping Up in the West End51 viewsNote Micky Mouse selling pizzas...
Must be he couldn't tolerate the new Disney liberal brainwashing policy and gave his notice!
Mice and Men... working to ear a crust!
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